Data Dynamics ActiveReports Pro

Data Dynamics ActiveReports Pro 6.0

View the data from business applications and arrange, edit or publish it
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Create a wide variety of reports such as maps, charts, interactive matrices, etc. complete with text formatting, images, tables, calendars, etc. Publish the output files as PDF, HTML, Flash or embed them in web applications.

Data Dynamics Reports follows a more visual report designing model with online scripting that meets most of your reporting needs with less code and less understanding of the architecture.
Microsoft Reporting Definition Language (RDL) Format
* ActiveReports uses the proprietary RPX reporting format that is proven and time tested.
* Data Dynamics Reports uses Microsoft's SQL Server 2005 Report Definition Language (RDL) reporting format, with custom extensions to leverage your existing investments.
Direct Support for Business Reporting
* ActiveReports has been exceeding customer expectations for over a decade of fulfilling the large volume, high performance, production reporting requirements of small and large businesses.
* Data Dynamics Reports, in addition to fulfilling standard reporting needs, features direct support for business reporting features such as dashboards, KPIs, advanced data visualization, master-child report templates and reporting themes.
Better Export options for Business Users
* ActiveReports supports exporting to HTML, RTF, TIFF, PDF and Microsoft Excel.
* Data Dynamics Reports, in addition to supporting these export formats, also supports true Microsoft Excel transformation, Microsoft Word export and exporting to image formats such as BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG and EMF.

Data Dynamics Active Reports Pro is a reliable and handy software that will help you keep your business up to date.

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